A General Look At Philanthropy

The definition of philanthropy is generally considered to be the desire to promote the welfare of others. This concept had it’s origin back to the Ancient Greeks, such as Prometheus, who was considered to be a “lover of humanity”. The word “philos”, means loving and benefiting and “anthropos” refers to human beings. It is said that Prometheus gave the early primitive humans, fire, hope and other benefits of civilization to save them from extinction.

Philanthropy is beneficial to Jason Hope the giver as well as to the receiver as it enhances humanity. The giver feels good about giving and volunteering, and the receivers feel good about having an improved life. This concept has existed in some form throughout history and across most cultures. Philanthropy is differentiated from charity in that charity is meant to relieves the pain and suffering of social problems by giving donations of some sort,whereas philanthropy tries to solve those problems by eliminating the base cause of the problem.giving-hands

Today, the trend is to improve the quality of life for the good of the public through global means. This is done through fundraisers, initiatives and educating the public. This is more or less a combination of the humanistic tradition with a twentieth century social science aspect. The business community and the government may both be involved and they are often intertwined. Today,technology is also often a major factor through utilizing a computerized means of learning,as well as a focus on cultural improvements, such as attempts to eliminate poverty stricken communities.

Today, philanthropy is practiced on a global scale in many ways. It is easier to bring awareness and attention to an issue, and it is easier to give through online means. Many groups and individuals want to deal with projects in low income countries or assist countries in conflict. There are many organizations that encourage awareness and solicit funds from the general public. These groups are often created by a philanthropist, who has a focus on eliminating a problem for the overall good of everybody. Often, the modern philanthropist has made a fortune through technology or a significant reputation through good works.

Today’s philanthropist, Such as Jason Hope often have an overwhelming need to give back to humanity for their betterment (). Common areas of philanthropy today includes health, education and natural resources. We should all be grateful that these people exist. They propel our society to greater and greater heights.